Our Pets and Other Animals

At Junction 12, we may not have been able to get together to exhibit during the past year, but we have been meeting up regularly online to plan future exhibitions, share ideas and keep in touch. In our latest Zoom meeting, some of the pets of Junction 12, not wanting to miss out on the fun, decided to make themselves known. This gave us the idea of starting a monthly themed blog as a way of showing the range of styles of the different artists who make up our group. And of course, the Junction 12 pets get to play a starring role in the first of these virtual exhibitions.

Ann Hunt: “Here is a portrait of my 10-year-old Labrador, Jenny. She still watches me through every meal hoping I will pass her a titbit which I never do as I don’t believe in feeding dogs from the table!

This is her expression of absolute desperation as I eat the last morsel.”

For commissions on pet portraits please check out my website

Martyn Dymott: “This is Whistlejacket inspired by Stubbs.

My wife told me once that this is her favourite painting in the National Gallery, so I painted this copy for a significant birthday. At the time the painting needed a good clean, so just from a photograph I found it quite hard to discern muscle form from shadow and from the dirt. So a bit of homework looking at the anatomy of horses was in order, and proved useful in understanding the muscle structure, allowing me to offer what I think is quite close to the original.

One difference from the original is that this one is not life size!”

You can see more of Martyn’s work on here.

Tamsin Stuart: “This is Squirrel Sentry, my first attempt at an oil painting last February. It’s of our Romanian rescue Pippa. She was a scared, skinny, little puppy when we got her three years ago. But love and safety have seen her blossom into our big, brave beauty. She is somewhat obsessed by squirrels.”

Discover more of Tamsin’s work here.

Sarah Goddard: “I don’t have a pet at the moment, but I do enjoy creating ink and watercolour paintings of animals that I encounter on my travels. I created this painting from a photograph of a sheep that I took on the very windswept Lundy Island last February. I am planning to go back there later on this year during puffin season. I’ll definitely be taking my sketchbook with me.”

You can find more of Sarah’s paintings on her website

Paula Kear: “This is my pastel portrait of our black lab, George. He is now 20 months old and is maturing into a lovely, funny and gentle dog. He gets lots of compliments when we’re out walking and he is a happy soul, with the waggiest of tails! Thanks to George, our lockdown experience has been a whole lot easier.”

Enjoy more of Paula’s portraits, both animal and human, on her website.

Clare Gadsby: “We don’t currently have any pets so this is Ophelia, who’s a purple swamp hen. The image is called ‘on a mission’ and I dressed her up in two scarves and head-dresses that started out life as quite other things, courtesy of Photoshop. I took her picture in the grass in a Melbourne park in very early 2020 – in what feels like another life.”

You can see more of Clare’s photography on her Instagram page.

Wendy Golding: “This is a soft pastel drawing of my miniature schnauzer…. he’s absolutely wonderful, stubborn, clever, and gives you the great schnauzer stare when he wants food and attention. You don’t own a schnauzer…a schnauzer owns you!”

Find more of Wendy’s art on her website.

Natalie Bowden: “A mini melange of my favourite pooch paintings. It was tricky to pick only one as they are all so delightfully different. I love to capture their characters using colour, light and playful texture.”

You can see more of Natalie’s paintings here.