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We’re a group of passionate and dedicated artists who work with a wide range of media.

We hope there will be something for everyone in our posts: sharing our enthusiasm and curiosity, giving tips on creating art, from starting out with pastel pencils to photographic techniques, and other inspiring musings on art.

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Given the hugely variable and unpredictable weather we have been experiencing this spring, we thought it would make a fun theme for a

Painting and Music by Martyn Dymott

Please let me introduce Erick Ramalho from Brazil.

I met Erick Ramalho on Instagram when I spotted a video of the

The Curious Freedom of Lockdown by Beverley Perry

Creating artwork has been my passion for as long as I can remember, whether it is

How art led to a volunteer trip of a lifetime by Ann Hunt MBE

Who would have thought that taking up art in my

You Are Never Too Old by Wendy Golding

I have painted or created all my life. At 18 years old I had the opportunity

What Motivates Me by Tamsin Stuart

You wouldn’t think that being a kickboxer had much to do with being an artist, but for me

Working With Chalk Pastel Pencils by Paula Kear

I am no expert but pastel pencils have always been my medium of choice, so I

Do not adjust your set by Clare Gadsby

Over the past week I’ve been re-flirting with intentional camera movement (icm). I like how this

Painting The Past by Martyn Dymott

I’ve recently been painting a series I have dubbed as my art heroes.